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I'm an eclectic Clinical Hypnotherapist and an inspiring Life Coach who loves facilitating peoples' inner journeys. 

With an innate talent for catalysing self-awareness, healing and personal growth, I'm on a mission to "maximise the quality of life and harmony by facilitating self-discovery and unobstructed self-expression".


My approach is collaborative, experiential and mindfulness-based, focused on people's values, strengths, skills development, emotional release and breakthrough insights naturally brought about by bridging the conscious and unconscious mind, rather than extensive analysis of the past.

Combining Hypnotherapy and Coaching with various disciplines, my work incorporates timeline-based therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), ESI (Executive State Identification), Systems Thinking and other approaches, adapting as needed to suit each client's unique path to wellbeing.

I see everyone holistically, and I thrive on helping people bring the various fragmented, scattered and often conflicting parts of themselves and their lives together into ONE integrated, functional, vibrant, authentic and harmonious life that is fully lived and fully expressed.

I am particularly skilled in helping people suffering from stress, anxiety and related conditions triggered or aggravated by stress; people going through or anticipating challenging life transitions; disconnected from their values or lacking a sense of direction; overwhelmed by anger, fear, guilt, hurt or other emotional blocks and unhelpful thoughts; struggling with career, parenting or challenging relationships as well as clients willing to get into healthier habits and lifestyle.


My experience with large corporates, organisational teams, high-pressure project environments and life transitions offer me insightful, practical and results-driven perspectives to help clients sustain balance and apply the learnings in their lives outside the clinic room.

Whether you need healing, getting unstuck or stepping up your game, I can help you transcend the limits of your conscious mind to create a fuller life aligned with your values.

I'm a certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist by the NZ School of Professional Hypnotherapy, Classical Hypnotist, certified HypnoFit Therapist, Breakthrough and Abundance Life Coach, member of the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance (ANZCAL) and ESI (Executive State Identification) practitioner, having also studied Education Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied Philosophy - "The classic way", Computing and Earth Sciences. 

I've started my therapeutic journey more than two decades ago in Brazil, having worked with thousands of people as a bioenergy practitioner, instructor of growth mindset, lucid dreaming and guided meditation groups. My therapeutic career developed alongside a successful career in the technology industry focused on emergent, humanistic and flow-based management practices. 

Over the past seven years, I've been developing a framework for a unified life flow, as well as the application of therapeutic principles into practices for happier, healthier and more productive teams and workplaces. 

After a transition period, while settling with my family into New Zealand and completing local and international qualifications, I've founded Transcend Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice in 2018.

I'm a caring husband and a father of two who loves the outdoors, an enthusiast of self-directed learning, home education, active motherhood, natural birthing and mindful parenting. 

I'm also a Chuan Fa and Baguazhang traditional martial arts student and an amateur piano and acoustic guitar player.

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