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Hypnotherapy can help you overcome a wide range of conditions and symptoms commonly related to stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, depression and low mood.

It is a very effective therapy for insomnia, addiction, smoke cessation, weight loss and pain management. It is also a powerful way to dissolve emotional blocks, recover confidence, self-esteem, sense of direction and improve many other areas where unhelpful thoughts, feelings and beliefs steer you away from being the person you want to be.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural process of attentional absorption that invites people to respond experientially on multiple levels, leveraging heightened states of suggestibility, focus and insightful awareness to amplify and utilise individual resources to achieve both therapeutic and personal growth outcomes.


How Hypnotherapy works?

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process involving conversations and guided experiences of deep relaxation and solution-focused attention absorption that promote breakthrough insights and resolution by bridging the communication between conscious and unconscious levels, rather than focusing on extensive analysis of the past.


Clients remain aware and in control of their experience at all times and can remember conversations and hypnosis sessions.

It generally focuses on and amplifies people’s strengths, so overlaps considerably with positive psychology both in philosophy and approach.

Beyond its widely known effects on thoughts, emotions and the senses, a growing body of scientific studies have demonstrated hypnosis’ ability to influence multiple levels of body-mind regulation such as blood flow, immune system, neuroplasticity and even gene expression, to name a few.


Hypnosis is also great for promoting a deep sense of connectedness and the facilitation of natural processes such as sleep, fertility and natural birthing, as well as motivation, focus and performance towards personal, professional and sports goals.

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